Building Management

Building Management
The company provides building management service which includes office buildings/residential juristic person condominiums/serviced apartments/ car park/ commercial complex for more than 18 years. The Company provides full integration service with trained and experienced personnel to look after and administer the property. The company will act on behalf of the buildings’ owner.

  Planning for  building management
  Preparing budget
  Positioning staff for management (manager/front office staff etc)
  Preparing accounting and finance work

Engineering Service

The company is an expert in all types of engineering and technician works such as installation of public utility and electrical system in office buildings/residences and commercial complex

  installation of electrical system and telephone/ PABX system
  installation of water and sanitary system / piping and installation of all sanitary wares
  installation of air-conditioning system (all brands). Air-conditioning maintenance service by team of 50 engineers with more 15 years experiences working under close supervision of system engineer.


Cleaning Service

The Company has expertise for providing cleaning service for more than 17 years in office buildings/residential condominiums/commercial complex/ banks /shopping malls. Our cleaning staff are well trained. All equipments and chemicals used are carefully selected and environmentally friendly for the good health of the employers.
Our cleaning service include

  First cleaning
  Big Cleaning
  Providing cleaning maid to be stationing in office.

Integrated Security Service   

The company provides security guard service for office buildings/ residential condo/ commercial complex/ banks and residences for more than 13 years. All security staff are well trained/ disciplined /honest/ good personality. All staff must be checked with  criminal free and clean record and guaranteed to safeguard the building and property of the employer


The company provides plant decoration in offices for the better environment. This also includes maintenance of trees/plants in garden/cutting and trimming/changing of plants and filling in fertilizer with group of experienced personnel.

Organized Various Formalities



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